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Toba Caldera

Toba Caldera

Experience the unique flavor of KOKOWAGAYO Sumatra Coffee, an organic and fair-trade brew from a women-owned cooperative in North Sumatra. Crafted with care, this coffee represents empowerment, community, and sustainability.
Balance and Bold, Flowery, Silky, Hazelnut, Nutty, Cocoa Notes.
Grower: Cooperative
Variety: S. Lini, Tim-Tim (Gayo 1), Bourbon (Gayo 2), Catimor
Region: Aceh
Harvest: October-June
Altitude: 1350-1600
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: Semi-washed (wet-hulled)
Drying Method: Sun-dried on collectors' patios and again at mill
Certification: Fair Trade, Organic

Sumatra coffee is known for its unique flavors and for being full-bodied with low acidity. Some of the world's finest premium coffee is grown in Sumatra. Coffee grown in Sumatra is described as earthy, spicy, and with hints of dark chocolate and tobacco. This is the result of the soil and climatic conditions which are optimal for gourmet coffee. Sumatra coffee is generally dark roasted however it can be roasted medium and light while still retaining its unique flavor profile. And while dark roasting is the most common it is important not to over-roast Sumatra coffee or it will lose its unique flavors.

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