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Paniolo Blend

Paniolo Blend


We are introducing our Paniolo Blend in celebration of the unique and little know Hawaiian cowboy, the Paniolo.

Balanced and bold, flowery, silky, hazelnut, nutty, cocoa notes.
Region: Hawaii, Mexico
Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun

As Hawaiian ranches began to appear in the mid-19th century, the ranch owners reached out to the skilled ranchers of Mexico, known as Vaqueros, to apply their skills of ranching and horsemanship on the ranches in Hawaii. They became the first American Cowboys, a decade or more before the Cowboys of Texas and Kansas. They came to be called Paniolos, a name derived from the word Espanola.

At the heart of every cup of Paniolo Blend, is the honor owed to the Mexican Vaqueros who sailed across the Pacific Ocean to the Hawaiian Islands, to make ranches in Hawaii possible. The Paniolo blends stand as a testament to the resilience and strength of these Island cowboys.

We have crafted our Paniolo Blend in a dark roast of Kauai and Mexican beans in a blend that represents the mix of cultures that is the Paniolo world.

Embrace the spirit and heritage of the Paniolo and indulge in our Paniolo Blend. Let the rich dark flavor be an ode to the courage, camaraderie, and adventurous souls that shaped the cowboy culture of Hawaii.

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