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Mocha Java: The world's first coffee blend

Mocha Java: The world's first coffee blend

Mocha Java, often thought to be a chocolate flavored coffee, is actually the first and the most recognized coffee blend. It's origin traces back to the 17th century when coffee consumption was experiencing explosive growth across Europe, and the competition to supply this ever growing demand ran at a fever pitch. 

Originally all coffee came from Ethiopia where it's cultivation started from indigenous wild plants. It was soon planted in Yemen and the two coffees were exported out of the Yemeni port city of Al-Makha, know as Mocha by coffee traders. 

The Dutch East India Company was the largest European coffee trader. To meet the growing demand for coffee the Dutch planted coffee on the island of Java, which had come under their colonial control. Who came up with the idea of mixing Javanese grown coffee with that Ethiopian and Yemeni is lost in history. But it certainly increased the supply of coffee, as well as creating a very desirable coffee beverage and paving the way for coffee blending in the future.

The coffee became known as Mocha Java. It is almost always roasted dark, and it is known for producing rich sumptuous flavor, and a tantalizing and deeply pleasant aroma. To be authentic, Mocha Java is a combination of Java coffee beans with beans from either Ethiopia or Yemen. The original proportion is uncertain, but given that the original purpose was to increase the supply of coffee, rather than create a particular flavor, roasters now use proportions that best bring out the desired flavors, acidity, and aroma. In addition, it is not uncommon for a modern Mocha Java blend to use an Indonesian coffee other than Java.

Our Mocha Java blend is a 50/50 combination of Ethiopian and Java coffee beans with a dark roast. As we promise to bring you a story in every cup, we hope you enjoyed the story of the world's first coffee blend, Mocha Java. 


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